I-motion EMS: professional electric muscle stimulation machine

EMS for the elderly

May 16, 2019

It is generally known and extensively research that physically active lifestyle, and regular exercise is the most effective way to fight the natural and age-related decline of muscle mass. However, most often, it’s the physical limitations that a large number of elderly individuals are unable or unwilling to train.

Kemmler and Von Stengle, Institute of Medical Physics, Friedrich-Alexander University)

Kemmler and Von Stengle have focused on assessing the effects of EMS training on the whole body, specifically the strength parameters and body composition/muscle mass in elderly individuals. This was conducted on 30 females with an average age of 65 for a period of 14 weeks.

It was observed that:

  1. Body fat reduced
  2. Strength increased
  3. Power increased

They conducted a second study with 28 untrained males of the age between 65 and 75 to test their physical capacity and changes in the body composition before and after EMS training.

In this research, it was observed that:

  • Muscle mass increased
  • Body fat reduced
  • Waist circumference reduced
  • Strength increased
  • Power increased
  • Aerobic capacity increased


These results indicate the effectiveness of EMS training for individuals over 60. Being able to perform risk-free strength training beyond age-related barriers, EMS has proved to be effective for females and males respectively. Both study groups showed improvements in body composition (body fat, muscle mass, waist circumference), as well as in physical capacity (strength, power and aerobic capacity).