I-motion EMS: professional electric muscle stimulation machine

EMS for chronic back pain

May 16, 2019

EMS has received an increased amount of attention as an intervening and preventive method for chronic back pain in the progressive social and professional lifestyles of the 21st century. With its roots in the medical field, it was used for recovery from injury and to reduce pain-related symptoms.

Boeckh-Behrens et al., University of Bayreuth, Germany (2002)

With the aim of identifying the effects of EMS training on back pain, the researchers conducted EMS training sessions over a period of 5 weeks on 49 individuals (31 women and 18 men).

They found that:

  1. 88.7% participants observed decreased back pain
  2. Frequency and intensity of back pain decreased progressively
  3. 75.5% showed improvement in mood and 69.4% noticed an increased vitality
  4. 85.7% women reported increased body stability
  5. 75.5% women felt more relaxed after the training

The EMS research findings showed that the whole-body EMS training countered back pain, effectively. The research concluded that electrical impulses stimulate major muscle groups, and more importantly, activate the deeper muscle groups and tissues that are otherwise, difficult to reach. The research participants not only reported a reduced back pain, but also improved mood, vitality and well-being.